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Funny eCard for women about sharing food

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Hint: It's usually the latter.

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From the moment we sprout them, our breasts become a popular topic of conversation.  Are we wearing the right bra?  Are we using them...

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In a very touching tribute to TODDLERS & TIARAS, Amy Schumer stars as Amy Merryweather Sherman, an oversized girl who competes in the Little...
Adam Brody Leighton Meester Baby

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You're busy.  You've got a to-do list longer than a Scorsese movie.  You're wondering, How can I find time to keep up with the...

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In poetic celebration of one of our favorite television series: HGTV’s House Hunters. Wife wants a mansion for free Realtor rethinks job   Some say show is fake House...

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Some people may be wondering where Hillary Clinton stands on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but the question on EVERYBODY'S minds is... WHAT IS THE STATE OF...
Funny ecard gym the jest

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Don't worry.  Shopping totally counts as cardio.  
Funny Burnt Cookies Pinterest

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Okay, so what I choose to post on Facebook and Instagram doesn't always tell the whole story...      

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